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Remember when sports’ icons were role models for our youth? The “Babe” who
would visit sick children in hospitals in-between knocking balls over far away
fences to the roars of his adoring fans? Now way back when, before the internet
tracked these heroes’ every move thus revealing that maybe they weren’t as
perfect as we thought, the athletes at least had the common sense to keep
whatever bones they had collected in the far corner of the closet with the door
locked tight. They weren’t political figures, controversial figures and miniature
demi gods, circling the idolized Baal that is our mainstream media. They played
sports, most of them feeling pretty fortunate they could make a bundle at a
game they picked up one day after school which most of us had to drop once
the final bell sounded.

Colin Kaepernick has decided to make a stand. We aren’t sure what stand he
is making as I’m not seeing how a multi million dollar salary for basically
throwing a ball makes him a victim of society. And I’m not saying he isn’t great
at throwing that ball. And after all, we are the ones watching him do it or he
wouldn’t command the figures he does.

Ah, the liberal explains: Colin is using his prestige and money and fame to
reach back. To help “his own.”  The black community who are terribly
persecuted by the police, it seems. The Michael Browns and Trayvon Martins
of the world who were martyrs in a country that apparently targets them
based on their skin color.

Now do police sometimes shoot people without cause? It happens. But let’s not
talk about the other 99.9% of cops who risk their lives everyday and put
themselves in greater danger than need be by not pulling the trigger until it is a
last resort. Let’s take Officer Wilson. My only question was why he didn’t shoot
Michael Brown dead sooner than he did? Because if I was attacked by a 300
pound violent criminal I wouldn’t have waited to get punched a few times before
I drew my weapon. Brown was an animal and a violent one at that. The black
community in Ferguson should have given Wilson a medal for removing this thug
from the streets of their neighborhoods. What happened instead?

They gave Brown a memorial stone. After a bunch of riots demanding justice
for a thug who was killed committing a violent crime.

And this would be the cause Kaepernick seems to be taking by refusing to
stand for America’s anthem prior to the very game that makes him
exceedingly rich. Because his version of a future America would let the
Michael Browns kill the police officer instead and the Trayvon Martins rob
the suburban neighborhoods. Colin’s view is if you’re a criminal you get a
pass if you’re black. You can’t call a thug a thug if he’s black. Especially if
the name caller is white. And he is so ashamed that America of all colors
except his let officers like Wilson off the hook for basically doing his job
and risking his life doing so. So he’s going to get involved now and he’ll
start by disrespecting our National Anthem.

But maybe Kaepernick should get involved with the black community. I’m sure
he is quite educated in the culture as he was brought up by white parents who
were so racist they decided to give their time, resources and money to adopt
someone of another color. I’m having a feeling Kaepernick didn’t come from
the Elvis litany of the ghetto in Chicago. I, on the other hand, have actually
lived in a ghetto so allow me to guide young Kaepernick in his new found
cause. Oh and by the way, Colin, not that it should matter but I’ll point out
that it does apparently to you–I’m white. I’m white who actually has
experience in the ghetto while you’re black who has never lived there at all.
But I think he should get involved in the black community. He should throw
his whole heart into it. Because he is going to have to give up football to
allot the amount of time he’ll need to fix the problems in the black
community that lives in cesspool ghettos like Ferguson.

First off there, Colin, you should address the violence on black Americans.
But you’re not going to find the police the culprit. You’re going to find other
blacks who are the perpetrators– shooting each other. As a matter of fact
it is the huge majority of the black male deaths–being killed by other black
males. That’s not the Flag causing this–that’s your own community.  Sorry,
it isn’t a racist remark. It’s not even a stereotype. It’s a fact. Maybe
in-between Racism 101 classes when you attended college you should
have looked that fact up under national crime statistics. Whites aren’t
killing blacks. Blacks are killing blacks. By all means please address this
problem. You might want to start by telling them to put that hand over
their heart instead of using it to pick up a gun. Because the cauldron of
poverty will always lead to a violent arena. But of course you won’t put
your own hand over your heart for respect for a country that gave you your
grand life so why would they change their behavior looking to you as a role
model? Oh and that Babe Ruth bit in the first paragraph? He was poorer than
you, made less money, even for his time, and still stood when the Anthem

But back to your recent diatribes of inequality. And why is there so much
inequality in the black community compared to whites?

How about let’s start with gangster rappers as your icons. Since, Colin, you’re
so concerned with black violence I’m sure you’re campaigning for the black
youth to stop listening to that guttural, hedonistic, animal like crap. After
all, you are an educated man, I assume, or did they just pass you through
like you pass the pigskin. Because someone with any sort of sense wouldn’t
propagate a thug singing yo bitch yo whore put a bullet in the pig and try to
convince us it is cultural music. I’ve heard cultural music in Africa. And I
don’t remember the lyrics being like that. I also remember African musicians
being able to actually play an instrument. That would be the definition of a
musician, not some gold toothed, ex gangland hood who can be bop a rat tat
of  garbage out of his larnyx to a synchronized beat from thugville. I’m sure
since you have the limelight now you’ll state the same to the young male
black youth that you see so persecuted.

And now that I’ve gone there let’s talk about the illegitimacy rate of children
in black America. Oh yes, cry foul, how dare I say that as a white male–who
also once lived in the ghetto but doesn’t have any illegitimate children I’m
letting the streets raise. You see, Kaepernick, when your illegitimacy rate
is over 70% your culture will be poor. And then your culture will be
violent. And then in that violence your culture will periodically be gunned
down by the police. They aren’t victims of the police–they are victims of
their own community’s cycle of poverty and irresponsibility. There is a
wonderful verse you can add to your ranting sad song in your Oh Bad
lyrics to all the black mothers abandoned with children that the
black fathers won’t raise. It’s called a pharmacy. Sing that stanza once
in a while and you won’t have a bunch of fatherless hooligans wandering
the streets and a disproportionate number of black female mothers on
welfare. Of course you won’t bring that up will you, Colin? Liberals negate
responsibility in lieu of color for free pass.

And I’m sure you’re going to babble on about the hopelessness and despair
in the black community. What despair and hopelessness? Last I heard
medical school, law school, business college and all the trade schools
weren’t barring you for being black. But they will bar you if you sound
like Snoop Dog and don’t graduate high school.

And of course I expect you to bring up that the black community has become
the most violent in America, even when compared to other groups like the
immigrants from India and Asia who came from real oppression yet become
successful. I’m sure you’re going to address this fact in your crusade that
black males have achieved this level of violence even though they were born
here. But then again, your own sympathy of Islam propagates the same
violence and animal like behavior so maybe you won’t address these points.

So really, Colin, instead of taking a knee on the astroturf of wimpville
pretending that you’re an American when actually you’re a traitor,
you should stand tall and be an example for your community. And by
the way, the successful black Americans like Dr. Ben Carson who made
his way from conditions worse than yours with real racism and achieved
his status with a little more skill than tossing a ball? They agree with me.

Because color should never be a cause for judgement. Only bad behavior.
And you just added yours to the cause of evil. But there is a solution for you,
Colin, and maybe you should consider it since you are so ashamed of your
country where two parents adopted you and saved you in a land where you
had the opportunity to one day become a millionaire for throwing a ball.

Leave. Go to the Middle East where your friends of Islam reside. And good
luck finding a career tossing a ball over there.


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