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They always say it’s hard to admit when you’re wrong. To eat that bitter slice
of humble pie, swallow that black bird and wipe the omelet off of your face.
Nobody likes being wrong–especially when wrong was posted about a
year ago in my article with what looked like a sound prediction. To put it out
in public forum, tweet it around, get your shares and then step on that rake and
get smacked right in the old forehead? Oh man I was wrong. No ten Hail Marys are
going to cleanse me this time. I’m not even going into the confessional. Because
I don’t feel one bit bad about it. As a matter of fact I’m ecstatic to be wrong,
prophecy unfulfilled and prediction unsung.

Because I predicted Hillary Clinton would be our first female president.

As a matter of fact I had my new edition to The Runningwolf Ezine already
written and edited. It was supposed to hit the Net on November 10th. Had
the YouTube version ready as well. The title was “Why Hillary Won–and the
Sad State of America.” I was going to hit the “Publish” button and then consider
sticking my head into the oven. I came home and started watching the
election–Alaskan time. A pal called me around 10 p.m. eastern time and told
me it was close.

And that Trump had taken Ohio.

And while that absorbed he took North Carolina and Florida. I scrambled to the
election live website on FOX. It was getting a lot less close–Donald Trump
was at 254 votes in the electoral college and leading in Michigan. Then
something incredible happened. He pulled from behind in Pennsylvania. I
watched as the percentage reported from the precincts kept moving closer
to completion with Donald still in the lead. I saw him fluctuate from one to two
percent ahead in the two last swinger states for hours. Then the unbelievable
came to light in a nation that has been in darkness for eight years.

He did it. Donald J Trump won the Presidency.

Was I shocked? Oh yeah, baby, in the 2000 volt range. Was I happy that it was
Trump instead of Ted Cruz? Absolutely not. I remain to think this was a
disservice that Ted got ousted because the Great Snark of New York stepped
in with his billion dollars. People ask me how I feel about Donald winning
the Presidency?

I tell them to ask me in a year.

But I’m ecstatic that the Marxist I declared Hillary to be lost. We really see
who these people are as they start to riot in the streets now, don’t we?
The modern rendition of attempted Bolshevism. So, yeah, I’ll take the
chance with Trump. And you’re wondering how it happened, Mr. Progressive?

Because this time, Mr. Liberal, enough of us declared Trump the winner by
declaring you insane. You’re nutcases, pure and simple, even if that bushel
extends to over half our population. You think no one should be called illegal
if their skin color is brown. You cry reason is racism. You hold to the tenets
that the lazy should be paid for it off the backs of the motivated. You
instigate a war on women that doesn’t exist and an epidemic of rape on the
college campus that is completely fictional. You take the sides of thug
criminals like Michael Brown because they are black but demonize a successful neurosurgeon named Ben Carson who is also black. You call for reparations for descendants of slaves from a time that was a hundred and fifty years ago. You
state homosexuality is normal and should be celebrated, by force of lawsuits
and threats. Your icons of feminism insist women should be allowed and catered
to jobs they aren’t physically able to do. You state Muslim migrants should be
allowed to come to America, even as you see the riots in Europe because of those
same Muslim migrants. You watch ISIS burn people alive, sexually enslave women
yet hold waterboarding is torture for those same ISIS members. You hold a snarl
for every American who is successful and demand he pay for the unsuccessful.
You actually said higher wage families should pay the tuition for college while
lower wage families get it for free. You destroy common sense, propagate
Marxism and worship anti reason. Nothing you say has a grain of truth, logic or
the most remote inkling of sense behind it.

And this time, Mr. Liberal, we threw you out for your idiocy. Donald Trump
defied the media, the establishment and the fools that make up over half
of our nation. And he better make good with colossal changes that negate
the last eight years. Because Trump’s reign, like every President’s, is
temporary. We bought ourselves no less than four years to undo to the last
four decades of the slow infiltration of Marxism. We better be quick about it
because remember this:

Over half of your voting countrymen put their ballot in for the Marxist.


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Charles Hurst spent his early youth in the quiet town of Aurora, Indiana where the passion for nature was ingrained in him at a tender age. Like most boys of small towns he spent his summer days walking along creek beds, hunting elusive treasure and roaming the hills and woods.

In 1999 he graduated from Indiana University with a B.S. in Physical Therapy. Other
occupations have included mover,dishwasher, warehouse worker, soldier, bouncer,
bartender, claims processor, security contractor and correctional officer. A
self-proclaimed gypsy, he has traveled the country and world, including long
departures into the wilderness, which he considers his true home. Mr. Hurst, author
of THE SECOND FALL and THE MONTERIANS, is also a Turning Point U.S.A. periodic
contributing columnist. He resides between the Northwest and Alaska.


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