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So I did it. Reluctantly, mind you, but I did. I watched the debates between
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. After the first one I really didn’t want to
continue although for once it was nice to see a candidate on the conservative
side tear into the Marxist in a non polite manner. People don’t like Trump for
this, but then again, they don’t like Hillary either. It certainly wasn’t a civil
debate, making the jobs of the SNL writers easier when the candidates
practically write the late night scripts of comedy for them. And you know
what, it’s about time words like liar, criminal and traitor were used. Romney
should have used those words four years ago. And in fairness someone should
have used them on McCain four years before that.

Now I hear a lot of critique on the tirades of Trump toward Hillary during the
debates. And it’s true that only in the third one did he actually seem to calm
down to address issues directly instead of pointing the finger of every
disaster in policy coming from the Marxist camp Hillary resides in to date.

Why do you keep saying Marxist? Hillary Clinton is a Democrat, not a Marxist,
don’t you know that? 
It makes me wonder if the American liberal has ever
actually taken the time to read Karl’s work. Because I have.

Hillary’s just a Democrat? Oh no, friends, I’m afraid not. You see, I watched
the debates–closely. And Clinton just revealed who she is. She didn’t even
try to hide it, The Manifesto, that is. Again, has the almighty, educated,
intelligentsia liberal actually read Karl’s work? Because again as well–I
have. I was thinking about voting for the independent candidate this year
as I wasn’t sure I completely trust Trump, who may just be bored as he is
no longer the star of The Apprentice. And many think he is conning us. And
you know what? He might be. But after hearing what Hillary said I’m willing
to take the chance with Donald. I have to. Because usually liberal, aka
Marxist, politicians at least conceal their intentions until after they are
sworn in–like Barry with ACA. Hillary isn’t concealing her Marxism. She is
openly stating it. You disagree, Mr. Progressive? Then I suggest maybe you
take the time to read The Manifesto like I did.

Hillary stated that businesses should share profits with their workers. She
hinted it should be mandatory regulation. It’s not something taken out of
context, it’s not an interpretation, it’s not Glenn Beck misconstruing the
intent. She said it–period. That a worker should be allowed to share in
profits for the company he works for. That is not a Progressive Democrat
philosophy. It’s not Jack Kennedy mantra. It is not a “liberal” worldview of
future utopia from the land of golly gee. It’s Marxist–right from Karl’s
scratch sheet. You see, Hillary, a business does not  have the obligation to
share its profits or give greater benefits. They are not obligated to hold
promotions for women who take years off to raise children. They can
offer these incentives of their own free will, but never are obligated to do
so. That’s capitalism. Your statement? Marxism. Again, Berkeley, feel free
to read Karl’s Cliffsnotes if you don’t believe me. But then again you
wouldn’t want facts to intervene with radical judgement, would you?

Then she went even further in the second debate. She stated America wasn’t
doing our fair share with the migrant refugee situation in the Middle East.
Fair share? We don’t owe a single migrant asylum, Hillary. Even when you
give the tear jerk story of the child killed by the terrorist bomb. Here’s my
answer to that child’s grieving parents. Stop supporting Islam. And don’t
expect us to allow you to bring it here with the violence that always comes
with it. Because other countries have–like Denmark, Germany, Sweden and
Australia. And our far removed cousins from the land of old King George. And
the result? Riots. Rapes. Welfare increase. Chaos. So no we aren’t obligated
to do a “fair share” anything to resolve the problems of a bunch of Dark Age
heathens. We’re obligated to protect our own. And my answer if thousands
over there die at the hands of ISIS because they can’t come here? Then stand
up for yourselves. And maybe think about making that religion of the child
molester a thing of the past.

But a Marxist doesn’t believe that. We should spend our money and endanger
our people for the “good of all,” taking the hammer and sickle to a world field,
according to the Marxist. Did I say that? No, she did with her “fair share”
remark. Just like she thinks we should give amnesty to illegals from Mexico
and anywhere else. I didn’t make that up. Did everyone hear Hillary’s knee jerk
emotional story of her new “friend” Carla who is worried her parents may be
deported under a President Trump? Let me enlighten you, Carla–your parents
should be deported for breaking the law. And somebody should have said that
a long time ago. But Hillary wishes to reward lawbreakers by offering a free
path to citizenship for illegally crossing our border. We should suffer so
others may prosper–if you call giving a free ride prospering. Clinton believes
in that. So does Karl.

Oh, and all of you parents who are successful and have spent years becoming
so? Well, you’ll be happy to know that if your success equals an income of
over 125,000 dollars a year then under the new Hillary plan you’ll be paying
college tuition so another parent will not. Due to their lack of success. Where
did I get that from, Harvard? Why, from her mouth in the third debate. One
man pays so another does not. Just like Karl stated for a utopian society
to blossom. Of course, this already was tried with healthcare a few years
ago–you know, the according to need mantra? And that worked out
fabulously, didn’t it? The difference was at least Barry was smart enough to
keep the rhetoric of Karl’s rant to himself until after the election. Hillary
just said it. You’re rewarded for being successful by having the cost of
college for your children so a less successful family gets it for free.
Marxism, plain and simple stated out loud by one Hillary Clinton in debates
one, two and three.

And when we are attacking “the corporation” to give their “fair share?” Now,
I do agree the ground needs to be leveled. I will probably write an entire
article about why our capitalism isn’t remotely what Milton’s and Ayn’s
vision of it should be. But let’s understand–Barry Obama ranted the same
rancid words. And who really got hit? The small business sector which makes
up a huge amount of the business population in America. Because the
Marxists don’t really want  “fair.” They want one man pays so another does
not. I’m wrong? Again, look to her words, not mine. And feel free to rewind
that Youtube video of Hillary stating just that.

I’m still not thrilled that Ted Cruz got ousted by a snarky billionaire from
New York. Especially since Ted stuck his neck out under the blade that
attempts to sever integrity in politics. Ted earned his way to a shot at the
Presidency. He sure did and it was sure unfair he got eliminated. But I’m
going to vote for Trump now. Even if it turns out he is a groping, foul mouthed,
spoiled, rich kid who used the system to his own benefit. Because the Marxist
has revealed her colors. She has said who she is. And if she swears in she’ll
continue on the executive order march that her predecessor started which
will this time be backed by her own slimy fellow Marxists that she places in
the highest court of the land. We’ve said this for years, and it might be coming
now in the next few. We may have to pull out that musket that’s been sitting
in the storage box our ancestors gave us in 1776. Trump may still pull this
off. But if he doesn’t and Hillary swears in. . .?

Then some of us may have to abide by our Oath we swore a long time ago.


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Charles Hurst spent his early youth in the quiet town of Aurora, Indiana where the passion for nature was ingrained in him at a tender age. Like most boys of small towns he spent his summer days walking along creek beds, hunting elusive treasure and roaming the hills and woods.

In 1999 he graduated from Indiana University with a B.S. in Physical Therapy. Other
occupations have included mover,dishwasher, warehouse worker, soldier, bouncer,
bartender, claims processor, security contractor and correctional officer. A
self-proclaimed gypsy, he has traveled the country and world, including long
departures into the wilderness, which he considers his true home. Mr. Hurst, author
of THE SECOND FALL and THE MONTERIANS, is also a Turning Point U.S.A. periodic
contributing columnist. He resides between the Northwest and Alaska.


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