I posted a bit of a shout in my last edition “WILL ONLY CIVIL WAR BRING AMERICA
BACK NOW?” And caught a small viral sneeze it appears. Now I’m a small time
blogger and have written several novels with good reviews on the side. I’m not
a fake it until you make it type which is good since most are smart enough to
research a cyber resume and see if the resume matches the results. But the
last one caught wind a bit by a Mark Connors from The Connors Report, another
internet radio broadcast. He has done far more than me–like about two thousand
videos on his YouTube channel. And that’s fine, good for him.

Now I don’t consider Mark Connors an enemy anymore than I do Bill O’Reilly. He
let my Youtube play out fully and was polite and decent unlike the leftists who
simply shout and scream. He wondered what I did though, with a shouting
rant like I had. And he kind of had a bit of condescension about why I was
propagating the channel and that I’d better hope the police didn’t show at my
door. He described me as a guy who just wanted to scream and was using
Youtube to do it. And that we give Trump a chance. Here’s his link since he was
nice enough to advertise for mine on his show.

So I’m going to answer now. First, Mark, I’m not just a guy who randomly picked
up the laptop, hit record and then went ballistic. You were wondering what I do?
I was in the Army Reserve in 1988, active in 1991 and then worked my way
through school through the late nineties. I am now a medical provider and
contractor. How about that, didn’t see that one coming did you, Mark? I am
25% retired already at 48. I don’t need to make money off Youtube or be on the
New York Bestseller’s list. I have money and could walk away right now and
live in South America today if I wanted. So no, I’m not one of these nutso
“let’s join a woodsville militia and take on cool names like ‘Blood Agent'”
types.  I also, like you, have decades in martial arts. So, yes, I get the
“violence is the last resort” philosophy. As I have worked in security at
times–just like you. Okay?

I also said in the video that we would wait and see what happens with Trump. I
stated what he would have to do if these acts of violence continue. The point
of contention with you and me is this. You think we aren’t near civil war and
I’m saying we are. Trump is our last shot. And he barely got in which should
tell you how close we are to the musket and bayonet. If Hillary had won my
video would have been a call for an ex General to organize the next Continental
Army–and overthrow this government by force if they continue to delete our
inalienable rights. We are there. We can only hope Trump stops it.

You don’t think so? Yes, I hear O’Reilly call out those who stated that lives
will have be lost now–on both sides. He stated one was hysterical and
the other a moron for stating that a call to arms was approaching. Who
cares? Bill’s rich–but he’s just a journalist. He also once said a student
shouldn’t hit back if bullied but should get the adults to intervene. He once
lectured a 17 year old for being inflammatory in rhetoric by saying “Jose”
shouldn’t be allowed to cross the border illegally. If war were to actually
break out, Bill would be sitting with the women reporting it.

And again I said we will see what Trump does. But I’m not retracting anything.
If Muslims are rioting and raping in the streets and the government does
nothing? Then they should all be gunned down. I’m sorry you don’t get that.
Oh, by the way a disabled kid was tortured recently by black thugs who now
think they can do whatever they want because we’ve taken the civil approach
as you and O’Reilly state. As a matter of fact we’ve been doing it your way for
thirty years or so. We’ve relied on elections and rallies and petitions and the
laws being enforced. As a matter of fact I was on the original Minuteman Project
in 2005. You know what that accomplished? Nothing. It was completely ignored.
That’s when the Minutemen should have taken the border by force. We didn’t.
And now illegal immigration invasion is even worse. Civility doesn’t work when
your own government propagates criminality. But we kept doing it your way,
Mark. And here we are. Here’s what polite protest has gotten us in the last few

We have at least 11 million illegal aliens living in this country. Many are
collecting welfare and other benefits. They have decimated the healthcare
system, correctional systems and educational systems. And they are voting

We now have not only gay marriage but a propagation of it. We have a society
that believes that the new normal is two fathers married, raising a child. And
we openly teach about their deviant lifestyle in public schools and state even
in the military it should be openly accepted.

We have many states openly passing laws that state a male who thinks he
is a female should be allowed in a womens’ restroom. We have a cry for
no gender identity for children and a propagation that boys might be boys
or they may really be girls. And we tell them this at eight.

We had a school in California that banned wearing a T-shirt of the American
Flag. We had the same state in a college pass in their student council that
we should remove it altogether from campus.

We have Muslims demanding Sharia Law be passed–in our country.

We have a youth that plays the Knock Out game–on the elderly.

We have a memorial for Michael Brown in Ferguson–for being shot for
his violent thug actions against a police officer. Then we had the police
largely stand down in the riots as not to offend the other half of black
America who acts like animals. Well done–now BLM is a nationwide
criminal organization.

We have the military uniform being adjusted for Muslims. And the police
uniform in NY being adjusted as well.

We have college students that go to safe rooms if their candidate doesn’t
win. And then threaten violent revolution.

We are now beginning to discuss abortion just after delivery.

A couple just lost their bakery–for refusing to create a gay wedding cake.

There is a movement to take the word “God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Colin Kaepernick was recently awarded–for refusing to stand during our

Whites are now randomly being attacked by minorities–especially blacks.

A piece of art was awarded for depicting the police as pigs. And one of our
Congressmen hung it up proudly.

The Muslim Brotherhood has now infiltrated into our government.

We have an actual Socialist in government office in Seattle.

We have an “epidemic of rape” on college campus that doesn’t exist and a
“war on women” that also doesn’t exist.

We have a media that falsely reports news no different than the Soviet

Migrants from Syria are coming to America–even as those same migrants are
causing Islamic violence in Europe.

And you just had over half of your nation attempt to vote in the same.

And I’m the problem for stating it may come to the end of a gun?

A few bits of Mark Conners’ response:
There are other ways of handling things still, violence is always the very last
Do we not think Mr. Trump our new president is going to handle this stuff?
Bro, man, you can’t just frickin be doing that, it’s not the time to be
declaring civil war, not yet, I don’t think so.

Yes, Mark, it is–almost. I wonder in the days right before Stalin. . .Hitler.
. . Mao . . .Castro, if there weren’t men sitting in the taverns. Where
a few warned of upcoming tyranny–and were discounted. Because
the problem is when a few were finally ready to fight back it was too
late–the enemy was too entrenched. Yes, let Trump have his shot.
And I hope Mark Conners is right and I’m wrong. It doesn’t benefit me
to be right. But history doesn’t show that Mr. Conners is right. It shows
clearly I am. It may be too late to turn our nation around–there are far
too many malcontents now. We have allowed them to root into the
soils for far too long. And they see resistance to their insanity now.
Their Marxism. Their anti-reason. I’m not the one threatening, Mark–
they are. They are threatening the foundation of our freedom. You
asked what law says we could open fire if our government stands idly
by as the Bolshevik rises? The natural laws of freedom that our Founders
fought for. Because if Trump doesn’t succeed we will shortly have one of
two choices. The first will be to accept imprisonment like the Russians did.

The second will be to finally water the tree.


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Charles Hurst spent his early youth in the quiet town of Aurora, Indiana where the passion for nature was ingrained in him at a tender age. Like most boys of small towns he spent his summer days walking along creek beds, hunting elusive treasure and roaming the hills and woods.

In 1999 he graduated from Indiana University with a B.S. in Physical Therapy. Other
occupations have included mover,dishwasher, warehouse worker, soldier, bouncer,
bartender, claims processor, security contractor and correctional officer. A
self-proclaimed gypsy, he has traveled the country and world, including long
departures into the wilderness, which he considers his true home. Mr. Hurst, author
of THE SECOND FALL and THE MONTERIANS, is also a Turning Point U.S.A. periodic
contributing columnist. He resides between the Northwest and Alaska.



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  1. Hmm, are you the same guy as the host on Fox news? If so, you are having a bad day today because you’re stumbling over every other word and seem off. What gives…too much superbowl partying or is Harris Faulkner too much of a distraction, lovely lady that she is ? 🙂 That aside, you are a good writer making good points. It’s a completely scary time to be an American. Everything is bass-ackward and the snowflakes are taking over while the rest of society just sits back and watches its disintegration.

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