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Ever since Barry took office on that dreadful day eight years ago all we’ve
heard is about this new war. Oh, don’t you know, it’s been an epic war,
a national war, a civil war. The war has been going on for ages, it seems,
drawing its ranks from our own very populace from the mountains, the
seas and all the cardinal planes. Did you know we are fighting a new form
of slavery? Oh no, not the slavery of early America, you see, one much more
insidious, yet more acute . . . and apparently out of sight. You see, this war
isn’t one we have ever actually witnessed. We’ve only heard about it, of
course, constantly through the Marxist media which has the validity of
Gorbachev’s iron shoes. What is it, you might ask . . . where are these charred
battlefields that are unseen, unheard and largely unknown? And who are
the remnants of this war? What call to arms continues to advance?

The war on women. And the reason you didn’t know about it? Because it
doesn’t exist.

Now to the real women of America I apologize in advance. I’m not going to
be one of these Tom Leykis or Marc Rudov guys who cut down every
female as I know there are lovely ladies out there who are sick of being
looped in with the irrational, illogical, man hating, feminazi graduate,
radical nutcases. Those are the ones I’m pointing the cannon at–and
unfortunately they are becoming the majority in the growing population
who lives in the decaying city of whining, entitlement driven wimpville.

And there are so many places to counter this fictional war. All the sound
waves blaring from the bullhorns. But the largest in amplitude? The
inequality of pay for men versus women.

Let me explain this inequality as simply as I can. The simple fact, and it
is a fact, mind you, is that there is no inequality in pay for women. None.
Decades ago one might have said that with validity. And decades ago
one would have been right. And like the evils of slavery we solved it–
because that’s what free nations do–they solve their evils even if it
takes awhile. Tyrannies don’t,  free nations do. We did. There is no
inequality of pay for women versus men. Period.

I saw this brought up not just in the last election but in the prior one.
Does everyone remember the pouty faced, tight lipped feminist who
asked Romney in the debate what he would do to promote equality for
women if he were elected President? I watched this milquetoast hem
and haw and dance around the fact that he was too much of a coward to
say out loud. Let’s say I were running for President. Then the American
Feminist calls me out. What would I do to solve the wage disparity between
men and women? Here’s what I would have said and what Romney should
have said:

What exactly is keeping you from medical school? Because the last I heard
they weren’t taking only male applications.

Or how about engineering school? Has that suddenly closed its doors on
the female gender as well?

Or maybe all of those high tech computer software fields? I’m pretty sure,
yep, there’s the university page; no barring of women, it seems.

Let’s see, business school? Looks like every single one in college takes
women. Why look–every MBA program takes women too!

Or how about trade school? I don’t think the application to apply for
a plumber, electrician, carpenter, computer repair specialist, or machinist
says “Men Only.”

And it’s probably unfortunate that you really wanted to open your own
business since the licenses are only granted to men. No. . . . wait a minute;
they aren’t only granted to men. It seems women can own businesses
just like men!!

And it’s really too bad that you female adventurers can’t be soldiers,
policewomen or firefighters. Oh wait, yes you can. As a matter of fact
the physical standards are less for you yet you make the same pay.
What a deal, ladies!!

And it must really be discouraging to look at the want ads every
day while looking for a job and see what they are offering men
and then see the reduced number that they offer women per hour.
I saw that the other day. Cashier Male: 10$ /hour. Female 8$/ hour.
How absolutely . . .  wait a minute . . . it doesn’t say that at all. It just
says Cashier: 10$/ hour.

So let’s see, no professions are closed to you, no trades are closed to
you, the military and paramilitary professions have lower physical
standards so you can get in and the unskilled jobs pay the same.
But if you take time off to raise children then yes over the course of
your lifetime you’ll probably make less than a man does.

Then I would have told her to sit down and shut up.

Feminazis: there is no wage disparity and if anything you are given
unequal advantage simply because of your gender. If you would like to
become a great success I would suggest to look into the career fields
above. But if you major in Gender Studies in a sagging economy I
can guarantee you won’t make what I do. And neither will that Beta
Male sitting next to you with his pink hat and Pajamas.

And do you know what it’s called when two classmates of opposite gender,
sitting side by side, major in something stupid and end up making low wages?



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Charles Hurst spent his early youth in the quiet town of Aurora, Indiana where the passion for nature was ingrained in him at a tender age. Like most boys of small towns he spent his summer days walking along creek beds, hunting elusive treasure and roaming the hills and woods.

In 1999 he graduated from Indiana University with a B.S. in Physical Therapy. Other
occupations have included mover,dishwasher, warehouse worker, soldier, bouncer,
bartender, claims processor, security contractor and correctional officer. A
self-proclaimed gypsy, he has traveled the country and world, including long
departures into the wilderness, which he considers his true home. Mr. Hurst, author
of THE SECOND FALL and THE MONTERIANS, is also a Turning Point U.S.A. periodic
contributing columnist. He resides between the Northwest and Alaska.

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