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So the votes are in. The man ridiculed, laughed at and demonized by the
Bolshevik media of rage prevailed. In a nation’s bowl, over half filled with
whiners, entitlement looters and the other caustic ingredients that have
turned America’s soup bitter, Donald Trump dipped his silver spoon in and
found the silent majority sweet.

But are we even the silent majority anymore? According to popular vote not
hardly where if we hadn’t had the electoral process we would be silently
drowning our sorrows in liquid Yuletide as the giant U-Haul began its trip to
deliver the Clintons back to the Oval Office.  And the real majority that isn’t
silent? They began to riot in the streets. From the criminal Black Lives Matter
to the Marxist intellectual indoctrinated in our created cult known as The
University the answer to not getting your way was largely the answer Mother
Russia saw in 1917. To simply gather the disgruntled trolls in mass numbers,
storm the streets and place the Marxism they worship into effect. And I’m
giving an answer to this storm trooping, this insurrection, this anarchist type
violence. Because a lot of us from the law abiding side of the fence are
realizing the laws are no longer being enforced. We’re waiting to see how
Trump will handle you if you continue. And if your masses continue with
this destruction, this threatening, this rampant assault on the fabric of our
country and our officials continue to give you a pass? Then you better tune
your ears to what is being whispered now, growing in amplitude through the
blogs, the rallies and the pulpits. And that message is this:

This is the very reason our very prophetic Founders saw the need for the
Second Amendment.

Now does anyone want a second Civil War in our country? Not really. The
initiators of these types of campaigns usually lose everything. Even their lives.
But understand this, all of you Millennials, Weak Knee’d Whiners, Black Lives
Matter thugs, Angry Feminazis, Marxists and Crybabies. You had better stop this
nonsense, this endorsement for violence. Because if our sworn officials fail to
protect us against domestic enemies, and that’s exactly what you are, then we
have every right to organize, defend and put you in the ground!!

I’m not propagating violence. I’m endorsing the defense against those who do.
Defense. Defense of life. And liberty. And pursuit of happiness. The right to go
down the street with a Trump sticker on the bumper and not get assaulted.
Do you know what should have happened? That guy should have been armed
and opened fire on the mob who surrounded him and killed every one of them.
And if a huge crowd from the BLM thugs, endorsed by the chief thug who is
about to leave the Oval Office, gathers to riot then maybe a thousand Patriots
need to open fire on them as well. If this sort of criminality, which has been
endorsed by government, continues then maybe it is going to take thousands
upon thousands of them to reach room temperature before we regain our
country into a land of law abiding once again.

Oh, the O’Reillys of the world disagree? Of course you do, Bill. You want
polite conversation and spirited debate. You and the other milquetoasts
want civil discourse. Well, you know what? Civil discourse and spirited
debate doesn’t solve the propagation of tyranny. Violence does. I’m sure
the spirited and polite like you residents of Wimpville tried with Stalin.
And Castro. And Mao. And then they were impolitely taken to the prisons.
Or the execution site wondering in the end how it went this far?

If it continues then we need to call on our new President to do something.
Maybe he’ll have to call on the military to stop violence with violence. And
that’s what should happen to the Marxist.  Many lives were lost in the Cold
War era keeping Communism from our doorstep. Not to mention the Korean
and Vietnam conflicts. Why are they not only allowed to exist but allowed to
hold office as domestic enemies? Trump may have to do that as once Lincoln
did–declare war on the insurrectionists. But it isn’t up to us to sit huddled in
our houses or cars in fear. If the government doesn’t do it then we as a people
have to. We would have to form another Continental Army. And declare war
on the domestic enemy who has for far to long been allowed to engage in his

That means We the People do not have to stand idly by and watch Muslims
riot in the streets like Sydney and Cologne. We have the right to shoot them
in the streets–all of them. Then we have the right to go after their leaders
and clerics with brutal intent. We have the right to engage in as horrific
brutality as it takes to rid our country of threat–the threat the government
has allowed to grow.

That means if Black Lives Matter continues to gather and endorse in violence
every time one of their thugs and criminals is killed then we have the right to
shoot thousands of them until they stop and act like law abiding human beings.
They aren’t expressing their First Amendment rights–they are propagating
criminality under threat of violence to the law abiding. And if our officials
won’t protect us from them then we have the right to proactively cut their
throats and watch them die. As you would in a war.

That means if the college Bolshevik intelligentsia decides to take our streets
hostage then we have the right to free our streets by turning those streets
into rivers that flow from their spilled blood. And my thoughts to the
poor Generation X parent who would see their Millennial gunned down on
YouTube? You should have raised them better. Because we have that right
to live without fear.

The inherent right to live without fear. It is a natural right. It is a God given
right. And for those of you who never opened a history book it is a right we
already spilled blood for. No, violence isn’t nice. But it is necessary when our
very own government has not only forsaken the laws but actively endorsed
criminality. Marxism. All the things that only used to exist in other countries.

Trump is about to be sworn in. And the above extremists, the real enemies
above are threatening violence. We’ll see what Trump is made of. We now
see who The Progressive is–really is. They’re enraged. Enraged that some of
us, enough of us to vote them out are finally saying out loud what we should
have said decades ago. That their agenda is anti reason. Irrationality.
Insanity. They want to try to regain it by force? Then their violence should
be countered by massive, brutal counterviolence. And we may have to cleanse
our country completely from the Domestic Enemy by watering our soil with
their blood.


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Charles Hurst spent his early youth in the quiet town of Aurora, Indiana where the passion for nature was ingrained in him at a tender age. Like most boys of small towns he spent his summer days walking along creek beds, hunting elusive treasure and roaming the hills and woods.

In 1999 he graduated from Indiana University with a B.S. in Physical Therapy. Other
occupations have included mover,dishwasher, warehouse worker, soldier, bouncer,
bartender, claims processor, security contractor and correctional officer. A
self-proclaimed gypsy, he has traveled the country and world, including long
departures into the wilderness, which he considers his true home. Mr. Hurst, author
of THE SECOND FALL and THE MONTERIANS, is also a Turning Point U.S.A. periodic
contributing columnist. He resides between the Northwest and Alaska.




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